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Steps. In medium bowl, combine coleslaw blend and pineapple; mix well. In small bowl, combine mayonnaise, sour cream, honey and 3 tablespoons reserved pineapple liquid; blend well. Add dressing to salad; mix gently to coat. Sprinkle with pecans. Refrigerate at least 1 hour or until serving time to blend flavors.

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Instructions. In a bowl, dissolve the strawberry gelatin in the boiling water. Stir in sliced strawberries, pineapple, and sliced bananas. Pour half of the mix into a 9 by 12 inch baking dish. Hold the rest of the mixture aside. Chill the mixture for an hour. Combine the sour cream, the sugar and the vanilla, mix well.

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Step 1. In a large bowl, toss to combine the pineapple, mangos, bananas and salt. Depending on how acidic your fruit is, season with as much lemon juice as you would like, starting with 1 tablespoon. Step 2. Serve immediately or pack in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.


Pineapple Banana Salad Fresh fruit adds natural sweetness to any meal. Enjoy as a side dish with Cuban Beans and Yellow Rice. Serves 8 as a side dish Ingredients. 1 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, and cut into ¾-inch pieces; 3 bananas, sliced into ¼-inch rounds; Instructions. In a bowl, combine the pineapple and bananas and stir lightly.

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In a medium serving bowl, combine the diced cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple and lime juice. Toss to combine. For best flavor, cover and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes before serving. This fruit salad is best when freshly prepared but keeps well in the refrigerator, covered, for up to 3 days.

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First drain pineapple and oranges, reserving liquid. Prepare the pudding with 1 c. of the reserved liquid, whisking until mixture is smooth. In a large bowl combine pineapple, strawberries and oranges. Gently fold in pudding mixture. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Add bananas and blueberries to mixture right before serving.

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In a large mixing bowl, combine the cabbage, carrots, celery, peas drained pineapple chunks and one cup of the grated cheese. Toss and blend. In a measuring cup, whisk together ½ cup pineapple juice, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Pour over the salad mixture. Toss.

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Instructions. Combine the papaya, mangoes, and pineapple in a large bowl and add the juice from the pineapple. Cover and refrigerate until chilled. Just before serving, add the bananas and garnish with fresh coconut.

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Ingredients. 1 Can of Pineapple Rings. Fresh Lettuce. Mayonnaise, preferably Duke's. Grated Cheddar Cheese. Customarily these salads would be assembled as individual servings. If you like you can assemble a platter for self service. Lay a bed of lettuce on each plate. Next, add two slices of pineapple per person.

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Instructions. In a large bowl, stir Jell-O and the 1 cup boiling water together until the jello is completely dissolved. Add the mashed bananas, strawberries with juice, drained crushed pineapple, and pecans (optional). Stir to blend. Pour half of the Jell-O mixture into a 9" x13" glass dish.

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1⁄4 cup nuts. Mix jello into hot water and add marshmellows . Drain crushed pineapple keeping juice for topping and add pineapple to jello mixture. Dice bananas and add to jello mixture. Place in refrigerator and let set. Now make topping. Mix sugar, eggs, pineapple juice flour and butter. Cook until it is like pudding, set aside and cool.

Bowl of Fruit Salad, Pineapple, Banana and Mango Stock Photo 28777192

Refrigerate until chilled. Add enough water to pineapple juice to measure 1 cup. Pour into a small saucepan. Whisk in pudding mix. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat; set aside to cool to room temperature. Slice bananas into a small bowl. Drizzle with lemon juice; gently toss to coast.

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How to make Pineapple-Banana Salad. Arrange slices of pineapple and bananas in a platter, lined with lettuce leaves. Top with mayonnaise and chopped peanuts. Chill. Yield: 8 servings.

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Add the thawed strawberries along with their juices to the mixture. Stir well. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and add the crushed pineapple, mashed bananas, and chopped walnuts. Stir well to combine. Scrape half of the mixture into a medium-sized glass mold. Cover the mold with plastic wrap and chill for about 2 hours or until it is just firm.

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This Pineapple Fruit Salad is just 5 ingredients and 10 minutes to a fresh, fruity tropical salad. Fresh fruit in an orange honey dressing.. FRUIT: Feel free to omit or add your favorite fruit salad fruits. Banana is great in this salad - just be sure to add right before serving. Orange segments and/or grapes are excellent additions.

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Created by Stacie Vaughan. Servings 6. Prep Time 1 hour. Total Time 1 hour. The brightest fruit salad filled with pineapple, bananas and mandarin oranges! This low-calorie option is perfect for summer with only 4 ingredients. Print Recipe. Pin Recipe.