How Much Does iPad Pro Screen Replacement Cost in the UK? (New 2023 Prices) (2023)

How Much Does iPad Pro Screen Replacement Cost in the UK? (New 2023 Prices) (1)

Apple products are held up to high standards because of the high-quality parts they are made with, and their outstanding after-sales services. They churn out new models regularly, with new features providing an edge with each launch, which goes to show just how much research and development does into their product line

However, despite all of this, Apple products are still susceptible to physical damage. With accidents happening left and right, devices can easily get a cracked screen or scratched surface when not properly taken care of. If you are wondering what the iPad Pro screen replacement cost in the UK is, check our quick guide below:

How do I know if my iPad Pro screen needs changing?

How Much Does iPad Pro Screen Replacement Cost in the UK? (New 2023 Prices) (2)

In the instance that your iPad Pro has been dropped or hit against a solid surface, it is best to double-check if there is any damage on the iPad screen. There are some situations wherein the scratch is too minor to be noticed, and you may be better off keeping the device as is.

However, this is not always the case. More often than not, you will be left with a cracked iPad screen and will require iPad repair services, especially if the impact was significant. Below we discuss the most common reasons why your iPad Pro may need to be brought in for a screen repair service.

#1 The device was dropped

Perhaps one of the most common occurrences that lead todamaged iPad screens is dropping the device. It could be due to carrying too many things at once or simply slipping it through your fingers. Similarly, hitting the device against a solid surface can cause similar damages, depending on whether or not the impact is significant enough.

Moreover, if the damage happens along the edges of the screen, your iPad Pro may be subjected to deeper cracks.

#2 Someone sat on the device

When we bring a device around often, we tend to leave it in place when not in use, such as on the couch or on the car seats. This habit makes your iPad Pro more vulnerable to being sat on and breaking.

A similar instance is placing the device inside your bag, and then leaving your bag in the seating area where it is more susceptible to being leaned or sat on.

#3 The device has been exposed to harsh environments

Glass and other delicate materials can give way when the temperature gets too hot or too cold. Exposing your iPad Pro to harsh environments may cause it to break. Because of this, we highly recommend keeping your device away from the direct heat of the sun and/ or the freezing cold.

#4 The device is enclosed in a case too snug

The next thing we purchase after a device is its added protection, which comes in the form of a screen protector and a casing. Casings are made to fit the devices comfortably, which is why it is crucial to get the one designed for your iPad model. By purchasing a casing that is too tight for your device, it may add too much pressure and cause it to start cracking.

#5 The device goes through natural wear and tear

Devices such as the iPhone and iPad can easily be overused. Because of how convenient, useful, and packed with modern features they are, you get to use them daily. This can then lead to your screen and its other parts getting worn out after years of purchase.

How iPad Pro displays can fail or get screen damage over time?

The iPad Pro has a great retina display built into the device and is known to function at its optimal state for most of its lifespan. However, it is still prone to common issues such as display failures and screen damage from time to time. Some of the most common causes for this include:

#1 The device needs a quick reboot

Sometimes, especially after continuous use, our device could use a little break. A quick reboot in the form of a hard reset will most likely do the trick in most cases. This fixes various issues such as a constant black screen, consistent app crashes, screen freezing, and more. To give your iPad Pro a reboot, follow the steps below:

For iPad Pro with Face ID: Press and then quickly release the Volume Up button. Afterward, press and then quickly release the Volume Down button. Lastly, press and hold down on the power button until the Apple logo starts to show on the screen.

How Much Does iPad Pro Screen Replacement Cost in the UK? (New 2023 Prices) (3)

For iPad Pro with Home Button: Press and then hold down the Home Button and Power Button simultaneously until the Apple logo starts to show on the screen.

How Much Does iPad Pro Screen Replacement Cost in the UK? (New 2023 Prices) (4)

#2 The screen needs cleaning – and a new screen protector

Oftentimes the main culprit is just build-up on the screen. The best way to remedy this is to take off the screen protector, clean out any residue, debris, dust, and other particles, and then replace it with a new, clean screen protector.

#3 The app is the problematic variable

If you noticed your iPad Pro’s screen acting up only when you use a certain app, then chances are the app needs tweaking. The best you can do is either update the app or uninstall it before installing it again. This helps in getting rid of the unnecessary clutter within the app and also instals it to the latest version.

#4 Your settings as Touch Accommodations disabled

If your iPad Pro is unresponsive to touch, try enabling Touch Accommodations. You can do so by doing the following:

iPad OS 13 or later: Settings > Accessibility > Touch Accommodations

iPad OS 23 or earlier: Settings > General > Accessibility > Touch Accommodations

How Much Does iPad Pro Screen Replacement Cost in the UK? (New 2023 Prices) (5)

#5 You are using outdated software

Sometimes the device’s basic functions can start to act up if the software is not up to date. To ensure you enjoy several bug fixes and performance enhancements, keep your iOS up to date.

#6 Restore your iPad Pro as New

The last resort you can take before bringing it in to a specialist is restoring your iPad Pro to its factory settings. However, this will delete all the data within the device, so it is best to back up any important files and media.

What is the iPad Pro screen replacement cost in the UK?

The iPad Pro screen replacement cost in the UK through Square Repair is between £200.00 to £250.00, depending on the iPad model.

iPad Pro Model

Screen Replacement Cost

iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Gen 2020)


iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen 2018)


iPad Pro 12.9 (1st Gen 2015)


iPad Pro 11 (3rd Gen 2021)


iPad Pro 11 (2nd gen 2020)


iPad Pro 11 (1st gen 2018)


iPad Pro 10.5


iPad Pro 9.7


iPad Pro Screen Replacement Options

There are two main ways you can have your iPad Pro screen replaced, namely:

Option 1: Professional Repair Services

How Much Does iPad Pro Screen Replacement Cost in the UK? (New 2023 Prices) (6)

It is highly recommended to bring your iPad Pro in for a professional iPad repairs service since they are more knowledgeable in the matter, and can offer faster ways to resolve your issue. Moreover, they know the best course of action to take in order to prevent the same issues from happening again.

Option 2: Home Repair Efforts (Replacing A Screen Yourself)

How Much Does iPad Pro Screen Replacement Cost in the UK? (New 2023 Prices) (7)

Opting to repair your iPad Pro by yourself will take a hefty amount of research, patience, and some trial and error. It is important that you source out the right parts and tools to complete the job; otherwise, you may need to start over again or bring a professional in to remedy the issue.

Repairing your device at home may appear as the more affordable option, but unless you are well-versed in tech, it may not offer the best results.


1. Can iPad Pro screens be replaced in the UK?

    Yes, they can! You may opt to have it replaced through Apple if your warranty is still valid or through reputable 3rd party services such as Square Repair.

    2. Is it worth repairing the iPad Pro?

      If you are able to take the necessary steps to save your device and prolong its lifespan, then it is most definitely worth it. However, it is important to weigh out how much you will be spending on the repair versus purchasing a newer version.

      3. How long does it take to replace a touchscreen display?

        Through Square Repair, you may send in your device and collect it within the same day!

        Get it fixed from Square Repair

        The iPad Pro screen replacement cost in the UK may vary per repair centre, but you are assured an affordable price and fast turnaround times with Square Repair's replacement service. We can offer a general diagnostic test to ensure that your device is overall healthy and does not need other forms of iPad repair such as battery replacement or a faulty charging port. Our expert technicians have over 7 years of experience and can guarantee that your device is in good hands.

        Book an appointment with us today!


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