GEB3213 - (2023)

Which of the following questions will NOT help you develop a solid communication​ strategy?

What content do i Need

Active listeners do all of the following things EXCEPT​ ________.

filter out emotional cues

Which of the following is the best example of a concise sentence​?

The progress report is due tomorrow.

Which of the following is NOT a typical communication barrier​ category?


When analyzing a topic from a persuasive point of​ view, which question would NOT be helpful to​ ask?

What medium do you need to use.

Which is NOT an example of feedback in the communication​ process?

Asking your supervisor for clarification on a company policy

Which of the following is an​ idiom?

Raining cats & dogs

In a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers​ survey, employers rated four​ communication-related skills as more important than technical knowledge. Which of the following is NOT one of​ them?

Ability to code the corporate website.

Which is NOT a technique used to create an​ audience-oriented business recommendation​ memo?

Create a general and vague subject line

Which situation is an example of​ "cultural context" in the transactional model of​ communication?

You prefer being direct and are giving a presentation for your branch in Japan

Which sentence is the most​ concise, having eliminated wordy phrases and obvious​ fillers?

We approve your request to leave early tomorrow.

Which medium would you use if you had to send a travel expense report to your supervisor with​ original, hard-copy receipts​ attached?


Which of the following is NOT a question you should ask when analyzing your​ audience?

What do I want my audience to​ know? ( I thought this was wrong, but it is correct).

Which is NOT something you would ask when assessing your document for proper​ content?

Does the document contain any typographical​ errors?

Which is NOT a category of common writing errors addressed in the revising stage of the ACE​ process?


What are the four elements explored in the analysis stage of the ACE​ process?

​Purpose, audience,​ content, and medium

Which sentence is written using passive​ voice?

The report was finished late.

Which of the following techniques is NOT designed to remove​ writer’s block?

Put strict time limits on your drafting stage

What does​ "tone" refer to when used in the evaluating stage of the ACE​ process?

The voice of the document

Which of the following is NOT a benefit gained by outlining your content before​ composing?

Determining the accuracy of your graphics

Which​ team-building technique are you using when you acknowledge a team​ member’s contributions?

Helping others feel pride in their work

Who or what is a primary​ audience?

The person to whom the message is addressed

In terms of logical​ fallacies, what is a hasty​ generalization?

Drawing a conclusion from a sample that is either too small or does not represent the larger population

In terms of logical​ fallacies, what is a false​ analogy?

Supporting an idea by comparing it to something that is not comparable

Which sentence is an example of​ refutation?

Even if you use a different​ formula, the numbers​ won’t reach quota because one branch is still underperforming.

Which of the following is the most professional and appropriate way of motivating your audience to comply with your persuasive request for a​ favor?

Stressing the benefits of doing it

Which of the following is NOT a type of logical​ fallacy?

Fact refutation

In terms of logical​ fallacies, what is a red​ herring?

Focusing on an irrelevant issue to draw attention away from a central issue

Which type of persuasive message would you use to convince a seller that its return policy should NOT apply in your​ situation?

A customer claim

Which type of evidence should you avoid using in an argument that supports your persuasive​ message?

Engineered statistics

What should you NOT do in the close of a​ bad-news message?

Explain the bad news

In which situation would you use the direct approach to organize a bad news​ message?

When the audience is unlikely to be angered by the news

Which type of buffer does the following sentence​ use?
​"Throughout 2014, organic produce availability in our area has​ declined, and our production has slowed​ considerably."

Background Information (pg.193)

How do you diplomatically reject a team​ member’s idea while maintaining goodwill and ensuring that the person will continue to contribute in future​ projects?

Provide a convincing explanation p 197

Which communication medium would you use to send bad news to employees in your​ company’s South American and European branches​ simultaneously?

Email pg.187

Where do you place the bad news in a letter using the indirect​ approach?

In the body​ paragraph, after the reasons (explanations) pg. 189

Which is NOT a reason to be sensitive to a vendor when communicating bad news about performance​ problems?

Because you want them to lower their service fees p. 200

Which type of buffer does the following sentence​ use?
​"I am pleased to inform you that part of your order will arrive earlier than​ promised."

Good News pg. 193

Where do you place the bad news when using the direct​ approach?

In the​ opening, as the main idea (after the optional buffer) pg 189

Which communication medium would you use to tell an employee that she got a lower bonus than​ projected?

face to face p 187

In which country is it typical for businesspeople to begin proposing and negotiating an agreement with conversations where both parties can learn more about what the other values and​ needs?


Which of the formats below is most appropriate for an external​ proposal?


Which country considers gains in status and power to be more important than gains in​ profit?


What format does a typical grant proposal​ take?

formal report

Which of the following would NOT establish your​ proposal’s credibility?

Providing a detailed timeline

What form does an internal proposal usually​ take?


Which of the following is NOT a topic your audience expects to be covered in a​ proposal’s cover​ letter?

Why you chose the medium you did

A​ non-competitive, solicited sales proposal that contains contractual information but no persuasive sales content is called a​ _____.

statement of work

Which country believes that contracts are always open for negotiating and merely indicate an interest in doing business instead of a firm​ commitment?


Which is an example of a credible detail that supports your point in a persuasive​ proposal?

Established by the shipment received​ yesterday, the unit cost will be​ $1.50. (Don’t agree but whatever)…..

What type of report is intended to educate its audience on a topic central to the​ company’s business?

A white paper

Which is NOT a feature of a report​ deck?

Heavy visuals with minimal text

Which of the following is an example of an analytical​ report?

Feasibility report

What is the main difference between an abstract and an executive​ summary?

An abstract is used for informational reports and an executive summary is used for analytical reports.

Which three combined elements make up the identifying information commonly found on a​ report’s title page or​ cover?

​Author, date, report title

What is a progress report designed to​ do?

Give your supervisor an update on the status of a longer project

What is the most common format for online distribution of​ reports?


What is the best way to integrate data displays into your​ report?

Use text to explain what the audience is seeing

Which is NOT a criterion that decision makers can use to judge the validity of a feasibility​ report’s proposal?

Report page length

Which graph is the best to use if you want to show changes over time to emphasize a​ trend?

Line chart

When is it acceptable for your presentation to include a photo found on the​ Internet?

Only when you cite the source on the slide

How does a storyboard help you create an effective​ presentation?

It allows you to visualize presentation flow

What should you do if you are asked a question during or after a presentation that you cannot​ answer?

Admit you​ don’t know the answer

Reading from notes or a script you hold during a​ presentation_____.

makes you look like a novice

Analyzing key decision makers in your audience is critical. Which question below is NOT designed to yield helpful information about this​ audience?

How much time do you have to persuade key decision​ makers?

In most business​ presentations, the main message should do all of these things EXCEPT​ ________.

give the audience reasons for the request

How can you organize the middle of the presentation so it will be easy to​ understand?

Emphasize points that are meaningful to the​ audience, limit the number of key​ points, and organize using recognizable patterns

How should you dress for a formal​ presentation?

​Business-formal clothing

Design your slides so that​ you’ll be able to​ _____ if you are presenting virtually via computer.

direct the audience to slide content by pointing with your voice

Which is the best revision of the following sentence for use as a bullet point on a​ slide?
​"Thanks in part to our sales​ team’s redoubled​ efforts, this​ quarter’s profits have increased​ 51% from this same time last​ year."

Quarterly profits up​ 51% (I don’t agree because it could mean the very last quarter, not last year’s quarter SPLY).

Many interviewers ask candidates if they have any questions of their own. Which of the questions below would be an effective one for a candidate to​ ask?

Is there any reason why I might not be considered for the​ job?

A combined​ résumé fuses which two methods of​ organization?

Chronological and functional

One way to convince an employer that you will be effective in an international work environment is to add a section called​ "_____" to your resume

International Expertise and Understanding

Which method of delivering a cover letter is NOT​ appropriate?

facebook post

Which of the following is NOT something a behavioral question is designed to determine during an​ interview?

Your social media expertise

Which applicant is the functional​ résumé style best suited​ for?

Students who have just graduated

During which type of interview would you find yourself alone in a room with a search​ committee?

Panel interview

Which of the following should you NOT do in the closing paragraph of your cover​ letter?

Describe your​ job-specific skills.

​Typically, _____after an​ interview, it is appropriate for you to inquire about the status of the position and communicate your continued interest.

Two weeks

What is an elevator pitch designed to​ do?

Convey your value and start a deeper conversation with a potential employer

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