Best Buy Customer Service Phone Number & Hours (2023)

Best Buy Customer Service Phone Number

Phone Number:1 (888) 237-8289

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Best Buy Customer Service Hours

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Reviews For Best Buy Customer Service (16)

Worst service ever

The 888# and the stores don't talk to one another. I have had three delivery dates and still no product. I have talked to six different reps and everyone says the problem has been resolved. They were all wrong and I am the only one paying the price. Pathetic company to deal with. Never again.

-by Randal D (Aug. 23, 2015)

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Awesome teamwork

They have great service and well knowledgeable associates.

-by Mjoy (Dec. 20, 2014)

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Great customer service and great prices.

-by Jasmynne Tuigaleava (Nov. 27, 2013)

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happy customer

I just want to comment about a terrific associate you have working in the Albany, n y store located in crossgates mall. his name is Lars P and he works in the mobil phone section. I have been dealing with Lars for about 2 years and dealing with Best buy for about 5 years. Everytime I needed help with my phone good or bad Lars would go out of the way to assist me even if it took hours-I have noooooooooo patience and I don't need it with Lars. He is always kind and courteous, very patient and his is excellent. I just want him to be recognized as a responsible associate at that store. 5 fingers up for Lars!!!!

-by dianne husband (Nov. 14, 2013)

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poor chat experience

I went to a best buy in Abilene Texas today to return an item I had purchased online through there website. I was told by a person at customer service that I could not return the item and she had no idea how I could return the item even with the package being unopened. I drove 120 miles to this store to return the item. Well I went home and thought I would try there online chat to resolve the issue and they were as much assistance as the female at the Abilene store. Beat Buy has not assisted this veteran in any way and has a deficit in there customer service, BEWARE!!

-by William Robinette (Aug. 8, 2013)

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Horrible Customer Service

Was sent back and forth between Service Desk and Cell Phone Department over the period of an hour and a half, only to have them tell me there is nothing they can do!!!!! Will NEVER walk in the store again.

-by slee (Jul. 29, 2013)

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customer service

I have been shopping at Washington Utah store for 6 years and have always been greeted with smiling helpful people. I am not the smartest person when it comes to technical stuff but with the Best Buy associates helping me I have always left knowing I can do the tasks a lot easier with my equipment after they take much of their time showing and explaining to me how everything I need works. I have never met a rude person in that store in the whole six years I've been going there and I must say they have some very smart and informed employees on the products they sell. I will not shop anywhere else if I can get it at Best Buy. that says a lot.

-by faye Izzard (Jul. 23, 2013)

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Thank you customer service for your assistance in solving my minor problem.Your courteousness was appreciated.

-by Lj (May. 3, 2013)

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Fantastic Customer Service!

This is probably the first time I have ever voluntarily rated/reviewed any company based on a POSITIVE experience. The folks at the 24-hour call center are wonderful. Friendly, professional, fast--everything customer service should be. Just their articulacy ALONE was refreshing... it's like they required a pre-employment air check. Props!

-by Katy Z (Apr. 20, 2013)

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Poor CHAT service

I have concluded that I can no longer tolerate Office 2010. Because of the crazy 15 day return policy, most likely directed by Microsoft, I am forced to abandon 2010 and return to 2000 with no hope of any financial recovery. In my opinion MS should be accountable for my financial loss..

-by Jack Bechtold (Apr. 9, 2013)

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My husband and I walked into the MELBOURNE, FLORIDA ready to buy a projector with cash in hand. As we walked into the movie theatre part of Best Buy, we walked right up to counter as two guys were clearly busy but they did not even acknowledge us not even for 2 seconds to say "we will be right with you", so we walked right out. TODAY 4/6/13 I walked into purchase a new hard drive for my lap. As I walked around aimlessly for 10 mins looking for the hard drive, I finally approached an employee and told him what I was looking for. He pointed aout and told me where I needed to go. He did not even lift a finger to help me. I had no idea what I was looking for. I walked over to where he POINTED and still had no idea. I had to call a friend on my cell phone and they helped me. He should have walked me over and helped me and if he could not he should have called someone else to help me. I have never felt so invisible before. How dare you not acknowledge me. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. PATHEDIC.

-by Dana (Apr. 7, 2013)

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I whent to best buy to return speakers and the front desk man was very rude. So I asked for the manager and when he came up he was even worse! He ever raised his voice at my brother and I. To make it all worse his breath was terrible.

-by Mark (Feb. 25, 2013)

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awful customer service and delivery was even worse

I recently bought a big screen lcd from best buy and had the worst experiance with them! Started in the store....there were sales assosiates everywhere but allwere too busy chit chating with eachother to even help me. After about 7 minutes of politely waiting, I had to intterupt and tell them I wanted the tv. The assosiate was so rude while we were doing paperwork and got very short with me when I asked any kindbof queations about the tv. Then, the day of delivery I was called and promised a delivery window between 1-3pm. I patiantly waited and at 4:15 I called and was told they would be here by 4:45. At 7pm I had still not received my tv so, I called again but this time spoke with a store manager. She put me on hold to speak with the driver...when she came back she told me the driver was already back in the store and he said he had went to my house twice and I was not there and that he had left a tag on my door. (This was a lie, because I had been sitting here waiting for hours) I explained this to the manager and she sent him back out to deliver my tv. Its nearly 8pm now and still have not received my tv!

-by Jessica (Jan. 9, 2013)

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Terrible Customer Service

Well it is not hard to understand why Best Buy is lossing market share. Stopped by the Jonestown Road Store (547) and requested assistance from the computer group on a new system. After 20 minutes of waiting for this I finally walked out. Went to HHGreg across the street and was fully satisfied with the help receive and ending up walking out with a new system. Will not return to store again.

-by Robert (Nov. 29, 2012)

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poor customer service

Congratulations-- to Best Buy for successfully alienating another customer with a poor customer service and unfriendly return policy.I would be more thna happy to share my awful experience in my hometown store with anyone from corporate who cares to access me using all of my contact info stored on their files.

-by owen wexler (Nov. 27, 2012)

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Unhappy with capital one /best buy credit card

We purchased an iPad 18 months same as cash in March. We paid off the entire balance in August the same year. The August payment arrived 6 days late. We signed up for paperless and didn't get monthly statements. I paid an average of $100 per month. When I sent the August payment for the balance due, I assumed it was paid in full. Now in October I have a bill for 2 /$25 late fees and $.63 interest. I had no idea I had any late fees and the notices came to my personal email which I deleted thinking it was spam. They said they could remove one late fee ,but still had to pay the other late fee plus interest. Guess we will never do an 18 month same as cash and pay off in 6 moths and payed 4 times the minimum payment each month. Guess we learned the hard way and feel bad, but it does reflect on Best Buy. We have purchased all of our electronics from you. Thought you would like to know.

-by Jeff A. Scott (Oct. 5, 2012)

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